Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brick Pavers

Integrity Landscape Services, LLC primarily uses Paveloc pavers with an upgrade option to Unilock Brussels Block. 

Paveloc pavers are uniform in shape and texture while Unilock Brussels Block offers different size pavers and a natural, tumbled-stone look.

With a nice variety of colors to choose from Paveloc or Unilock Brussels Block are excellent choices for your patio or walkway.  The pavers for both styles offer a mixed variegation in color.  Paveloc also offers solid colors of brick.

With the foundation base that Integrity Landscape Services creates and the quality pavers we use, the longevity and enjoyment of your project will make your yard your new favorite room!

Below, a finished Unilock Brussels Block project and below that, a few Paveloc Solid and Paveloc Variegated options.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Office, New Yard - Part 4

Our new sign is finished and our building is getting a new paint job.  It's a great look!  For the sign, we used Olde Quarry Stone with a Copthorne inlay.  This is a great representation of the style of work we do.  Once again, there is more to come.  Our yard is going to be a stunning showroom of all the types of projects we are capable of doing.  Stay tuned...