Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrate. Honor. Remember.

On Memorial Day we can celebrate our freedom and remember those who have served, so bravely and selflessly, our wonderful country.

All we can say is we thank you.  We honor you.  We never forget your service and sacrifice.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Landscape Lighting

If you are thinking about ways to provide a distinctive effect to your landscape, adding lighting fixtures is an affordable and creative way. By adding a light system, you can tastefully accent and highlight selected features of your landscape and improve home security measures.
Soft lighting adds warmth and dimension to a landscape.
One way to incorporate landscape lighting is through up lighting, or projecting light upwards to focus on specific objects and plants in the landscape area. Up lighting accentuates trees, shrubs, and other plants that stand above the general landscaping plane.
Similarly, down lighting is another lighting technique that can create unique and dramatic effects. You can achieve a down lighting effect by mounting flood or spotlights above the landscape line. Down lighting, sometimes called moonlighting, creates a soft, subtle radiance throughout specific areas of your yard.
Another approach to enhancing landscape through the use of light is backlighting, or silhouette lighting. Placing light fixtures between your home’s facade and a particular object causes the object in front of the lighting to appear as a silhouette. You can also use backlighting to highlight walls, columns or doorways for further effect.
There are endless possibilities to incorporate lighting into your overall landscape design. Integrity Landscape Services has designed and installed lighting approaches throughout the Milwaukee area and surrounding counties. Enjoy unique results that fit your budget by integrating lighting effects to your landscape this season.