Thursday, May 30, 2013

Decorative Retaining Walls

A decorative, tiered retaining wall is an amazing landscape improvement. The levels deliver multiple planting, lighting, and design options, and deliver a rich, elegant ambiance year round.

A decorative, tiered retaining wall Integrity installed in SE Wisconsin

Decorative retaining walls truly enhance your landscape. Decorative retaining walls include sitting walls, tier walls, and garden walls. Sitting walls are free-standing walls that enclose an outdoor living space. Tier walls can be structural or decorative depending on the design and implementation. Our team installs tier walls to create depth in landscape beds by stair-stepping the retaining wall as it ascends. Garden walls are small walls installed in garden or landscape bed areas. These walls are not designed to retain much back pressure.

Consider your options and learn more about decorative retaining walls from the pros at Integrity.

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