Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Landscaping Tips

Amazing that a couple of drier weeks and your lawn, garden, and landscaped areas are sere. Water and weed your garden and lawn in August. Pull weeds immediately after a good, soaking rain. Did you notice the new weeds sprouting up the past week or so? Some varieties wait until August to return. There will be weeds after the rain.

Three Tips:

  1. Water thoroughly and deeply when you water. 
  2. Water in the morning or early afternoon to allow the soil to warm up before evening.
  3. Improve the look and health of your garden by removing spent flowers and any dry, crinkly leaves from your perennials and annuals.
By removing spent flowers, the plants will not go into the seed-producing stage and may flower longer. Removing bad foliage can stop the spread of fungus and insects.

Spring-blooming perennials can be divided and transplanted this month and next. Keep fertilizing the annuals in your pots and hanging baskets. Frequent watering leaches the nutrients from the soil, so keep an eye out for insects or disease damage and control if necessary.

Integrity landscaping before and after

For a more formal, manicured look, summer-blooming shrubs can be given a light shearing after they finish flowering. Cut out dead, broken, and rubbing branches from your shrubs and small trees whenever you have your pruners out.

This is the month to improve your lawn. Never spray weed killer on a drought-stressed lawn. It only takes a couple dry weeks for your lawn to become stressed. It is best to kill weeds before they go to seed and become a problem for years to come. Later this month you can fertilize the lawn again and over-seed the thin spots. Do not fertilize a lawn that is drought-stressed or when temperatures exceed 90-degrees. Luckily, our mild summer temperatures make it ideal to fertilize this year. If you over-seed an area, make sure to consider the amount of sunlight, traffic, and salt the area will be exposed to. Choose the seed blend best suited to your conditions. Continue watering: grass needs 1" of water every week. If the temperature stays warm keep your mower set at 3" or higher.

Change the water in your bird bath regularly and keep it filled. Stagnant water may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Remember mosquitoes, they could make a comeback after the recent rains. The best defense against flying insects on the deck and patio, is a strategically placed fan. For your ponds or water features, make sure they always have adequate water levels. They lose more moisture to evaporation and splashing than you might believe.

Integrity landscape installed water feature and plantings

Enjoy the rest of the summer; spend some time enjoying your garden!

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