Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Aeration

To aerate your lawn means to remove small plugs of thatch and soil to improve the soil aeration.  This process helps to improve the health and vigor of your established lawn. 

Lawns can become compacted by traffic and mowing.  Rain and other watering can also compact the soil, reducing air to the roots, preventing proper growth.

The benefits of aeration are improved water and fertilizer uptake, air exchange into the soil, turf grass rooting, and thatch breakdown.  It also reduces soil compaction, damage from a heavy thatch, water runoff, puddling and soil layering.

Look for the holes to be filled with white, actively growing roots after about 7-10 days.  This is an indication of a successful aeration.

Though Integrity Landscape Services does not provide this service, we highly recommend it for the healthy longevity of lawns we've installed over the years.

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