Friday, March 22, 2013

Anticipating Your Lawn’s Return

We have had a brutal two months to close out this winter season, but that doesn’t mean spring temperatures aren’t right around the corner. While the forecasters tell us another visit by Mother Nature’s snow machine is not out of the question, we’d like to remind you that sensible gardening has to pay attention to the erosion that’s possible with the spring melt.

Especially in cases where your home is built on a steeper grade, runoff from piles of snow can quickly become gushing torrents, carving ruts into the sides of your property.

One way to avoid these issues is to push your end-of-season snow banks further away from your house. Be sure to watch for and avoid blocking off any drainage culverts.

Another way is to consider a terracing job once the warmer weather is truly in swing. Proper drainage will ensure your basement stays safe and dry, while also increasing the curbside appeal of your house, raising its market value.

before and after pictures of a recent terracing job

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