Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cold March, Still Need Landscape Tips

Did you know this March had the most days of below-average temperatures since 1981? April’s nearly here. Warmer weather is (FINALLY!) just around the corner. You can enjoy landscape improvements you make in April for the entire warm weather season in Wisconsin. A custom-designed brick patio or pathway will improve the value of your home and the natural beauty and warmth of brick and stone adds a touch of elegance to your property. Increase the patio and pathway nighttime beauty with commercial-grade landscape lighting. Custom-designed light can create stunning evening beauty for your home.

Late-March Landscaping Tip

Don’t forget to check and clean out your gutters. The high winds of the past couple months may have deposited unwelcome branches and other materials that can clog up your gutter drainage.

Other April News

This April, Integrity Landscape is joining the national A –Z Blogger Challenge. We will have 26 days to use every letter in the alphabet to talk about topics related to our business. We are joining bloggers from around the world in this fun exercise in creating a helpful collection of articles for people interested in learning more about landscaping.

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